Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA) is a higher educational establishment of the IVth accreditation level in Ukraine, with different levels graduate and post-graduate education such as Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Science degree (Dr.Sc.) at the full-time and part-time departments.

DSEA today - is:

  • the fourth largest university of the Donbass region;
  • skilled teaching staff;
  • advanced learning technologies, the most modern equipments;
  • Information and Computing Center, and display classes of graduate departments are equipped with modern computers, computer networks with fiber-optic communications and Internet access;
  • the largest scientific and technical library in the region.

The Academy maintains close ties with leading industrial enterprises of Ukraine. Students practice at leading enterprises of Ukraine, perform degree work on a real production issues. DSEA has successfully cooperated with many universities in different countries, international organizations (EC, NATO), international higher education program (TEMPUS) and well-known companies (SIEMENS, BALLUFF).

Graduates of the DSEA can solve complex creation and competitive products problems, in-cluding the use of resource-saving and nanotechnology. At the Academy in-depth training by application of modern information technologies, including Computer Aided Design (CAD).

In the DSEA you have the opportunity to develop the best manufacturing processes unique production with the use of modern information technology, to get special economic and mathematical training in the field of modern methods and means of production management.

Admission conditions for foreign nationals:

Admission to the study is carried out for the results of the interviews and subsequent contract with the applicant or representing his legal entity. It is also being received on the basis of interstate agreements.

Entry requirements:

  • age at the time of admission to the first course up to 25 years (post graduate course - up to 35 years);
  • availability of secondary education;
  • satisfactory state of health.

Education of foreign citizens is carried out in two stages:

  • Study of the basic specialties for Bachelor's degree and Master's degree;
  • Subsequent post-graduate degree.

Education of students is carried out at the faculties of the DSEA in groups together with Ukrainian students. Foreign students have free access to the library of the DSEA, they are given the opportunity of further taking post-graduate course equally with Ukrainian students.

After completing studies at the Academy the international students are given diplomas to the appropriate level of training, and which are legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Living conditions and recreation of students:

The Academy has modern material base: 6 specialized educational and laboratory buildings, three comfortable hostels, all these building form campus. The cost of living in a dorm is $ 25 per month. Living conditions are determined by separate agreement. In buildings there is a network of cafes and coffee shops, medical center, dental clinic, free psychological consulting, a fitness center and climbing wall. Expenditure on food, transport and domestic service for foreign student is on average $ 180-220 per month. During holidays, students have the opportunity to relax in the sports camp "Promin" and guest house "Tishina" on the north bank of the river-Siversky Donets. Sports enthusiasts and amateurs can improve their skills in the 15 sports sections, fitness club, 7 clubs.

Duration of education and Tuition fee for one year course:

For educational and qualification level of Bachelor's degree - 4 years (with a High school diploma, $ 1700-2200)

For educational and qualification level of Master's degree - 2 years (with a Bachelor's degree, $ 2300-2600)

Doctor of Philosophy degree - 3 years (with a Master's degree, $ 3000-3200)

Doctor of Science degree - 3 years (with a Ph.D. degree, $ 3300-3600)

Documents required for admission:

  • High School Certificate/Diploma with Transcript (marks, grades in subjects), and Certified Copy of High School Certificate/Diploma with Transcript translated in Ukrainian, Russian or English, if the originals are issued in a language other than Ukrainian, Russian or English;
  • Certified (Apostille) and legalized Copy of High School Diploma/Certificate with Transcript (marks, grades in subjects) in accordance with the legislation of the country it was issued in.
  • Medical Certificate proving AIDS absence issued not later than two weeks prior to your arrival to Ukraine;
  • Certified Copy of Medical Certificate proving AIDS absence in Ukrainian, Russian, or English, if the original Certificate is written in the language other than Ukrainian, Russian, or English;
  • Medical Health Certificate certified by Health Board Official in the country of residence. This certificate has to be issued not later than two months prior to your arrival to Ukraine;
  • Copy of Medical Health Certificate legalized and certified (Apostille) in accordance with the legislation of the country it was issued in;
  • Copy of Birth Certificate legalized and certified (Apostille) in accordance with the legislation of the country it was issued in;
  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate in Ukrainian, Russian, or English if the original Certificate is issued in the language other than Ukrainian, Russian, or English;
  • Six (6) photos 60x40 mm;
  • Return ticket valid for one year;
  • Official Invitation for Study;
  • Proof of your financial solvency;
  • Passport with Studen's Visa (O) (shall be presented personally).

These papers must also be presented personally at the point of entry to Ukraine.

Classes start at the faculties of the Academy from 1 September

Visa support:

As an international student, you will need to get an International Passport, and to apply for Ukrainian Student Visa (O) at an Embassy (Consulate) of Ukraine in your country of residence. You have to submit an official Study Invitation to an Embassy (Consulate) of Ukraine along with other required documents. To apply for a visa, please check visa application requirements and procedures at the web site of Ukrainian Embassy (Consulate), or call Ukrainian Embassy (Consulate) that is in your country of residence. Ukrainian Student Visa has to be extended every semester beginning from the second semester of education.

The student-applicant should inform the DSEA his/her name, date of birth, home address, the data of national passport and documents of education at home to receive his/her personal invitation. Personal invitation is the basis for issuing a visa at the Ukraine's Embassy in the country of student's residence.