This faculty, including 1 department as follows:

Handling systems and transport machines department


Speciality corresponds to professional preparation in "Mechanical Engineering" and provides preparation of highly qualified engineering staff that can meet the challenges of designing, operation and maintenance of material handling, construction, road and reclamation machines, used in industry, construction and agriculture.

The department of lifting machines is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Kassov V.D., and all the teachers of the department have a basic education, which corresponds to the speciality "Lifting-transport, road, reclamation machinery and equipment." Teachers constantly improve their level by passing an internship at leading enterprises of Donetsk region, as well as collaborate with companies on the questions of design and safe operation of lifting-transport and construction equipment.

Department "Lifting-transport machinery" is accredited by the Higher fourth level of accreditation.

We offer our students:

  • Specialization "Computer-aided design and design of machine tools", "International technical expertise of technological machines and systems" for future specialists in the design of machine tools;
  • Specialization "Computer shaping technology and design of tools," "High technologies" for future engineers of tool production;
  • A powerful computer preparation with the development of new application software packages;
  • A full range of production practices on the leading enterprises of Ukraine, including the target individual preparation programs;
  • Integrated program of practical preparation "4 +1", which combine theoretical preparation with the development of speciality directly on the future workplace;
  • The possibility of distance learning in specialities of the department on the basis of preparatory and consultative centers in Makeyevka, Shakhtersk, Kramatorsk;
  • Full-time and correspondence forms of preparation for master's degree;
  • The possibility to continue education in post-graduate and doctoral faculty.


Among the scientific activities of the Department are the following:

  • Development of scientific bases of design, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment of engineering and mining enterprises.
  • Improving of constructions and methods of calculation of executive mechanisms of excavators, special lifting machinery, cranes, construction machines.
  • Scientific bases of operation, repair and restoration of efficiency of cranes and their components.
  • The scientific study and development of modern pneumatic units.

Department of lifting-transport machines has classrooms, a special laboratory equipped with models, and existing mechanisms for all vocational-oriented subjects, a computer classroom and office space. This allows conducting the class in one (first) shift to perform qualitatively practical, laboratory works, to hold lectures using modern technology. The laboratory database is updated annually by not less than 8 ... 10%.

Over the years of the department’ existence teachers defended eight PhD theses. In 2011-2012 the defense of two master's theses is planned.

Practical workings

  • The extension of the operation terms of brake-pulley hubs of belt conveyors;
  • Reducing of dynamic loads of working equipment earth moving machinery;
  • Increasing the resource elements of tracked excavators navigation equipment;
  • Reduction of dynamic loads on the metal structure of cranes of bridge type;
  • Determination of the general law of crane motion on conical valve wheels;
  • Development of methods of evaluation the residual recourse of cranes in order to simplify them;
  • Improving the methodology of evaluation the influence of the choice of hinged or removable lifting equipment on the life of cranes;
  • Development of the laws of motion of aero mixture in the pneumatic transport pipeline with the rotational mode of motion;
  • Simulation mode of cranes operation and cranes of bridge-type by dynamic action of wind.

Specialty "Lifting-transport, road and reclamation machinery and equipment" is accredited by the Higher fourth level, with the right to prepare:

Bachelors      (6.05050308),
Specialists      (7.05050308),
Masters      (8.05050308).

Lifting-transport, road and reclamation machinery and equipment is:

  • New modern complexes of machines for moving and storage of goods.
  • Advanced technical solutions in the field of construction, road and reclamation equipment.
  • Modern methods of automated designing of cars.
  • Quality and reliability of machines.
  • Computer diagnostics of lifting-transport, construction and road machines.
  • High professionalism and responsibility.

"Who knows how to build a crane, will build any car"
(Academic Vyshnegradskiy I.A.)