This faculty, including 3 departments as follows:

Technology and production management department

”ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY”, the most versatile speciality

The Department of Technology and Production Management provides educational services of high quality to people who work already but still wish to raise their educational and professional level.

The Department of Technology and Production Management, headed by Prof. S.V.Kovalevsky, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, was accredited as a department of the fourth level. The department holds for many years all-Ukrainian and international scientific and methodological conferences dealing with promising trends of engineering technology, management, economics, and innovative teaching techniques.

A scientific laboratory entitled “Simulation and Optimization of Technological Systems”, headed by Prof. Kovalevsky S.V., was created which implements search and technological support of the following research fields:

  • development, study and introduction of new technological methods of the machining of machine components (group leader: Associate Professor Onishchuk S.G.);
  • improvement of production design methods (group leader: Associate Professor Mishura E.V.);
  • scientific laboratory for neuronet technologies and their application (group leader: Prof. Kovalevsky S.V.).

The department offers the following opportunities for cooperation:

  • development of production accessories and optimization of the process of deep internal drilling;
  • creation of a virtual laboratory for technological research dealing with complex simulation of processes and systems based on neuronet technologies;
  • development of production accessories and elaboration of a complex technology for the assurance of the precision and quality of machined products due to the control of residual stresses;
  • electric pulse machining and hardening of the working surfaces of machine components;
  • process of vibroabrasive grinding of the surfaces of machine components;
  • control of the precision of the technological systems of NC machines;
  • process diagnostics and development of methods for the control of the quality of the working surfaces of machine components;
  • development and implementation of technological consulting;
  • optimization of technological systems and processes;
  • development of a process for reducing residual stresses and hardening of the working surfaces machine components using surface active agents;
  • elaboration of engineering methods for the application of Delcam environment for production engineering.

To organize and support the teaching process and scientific work, a powerful laboratory base was created. The students’ laboratories are equipped with up-to-date machine tools including NC machines.

The department has its own computer room where the students can use modern licensed software of leading world companies such as Delcam (Birmingham, Great Britain) and ASCON (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

We can provide additional training in fields which a company may be interested in.

Engineering Technology (by correspondence) is the most versatile speciality in the filed of mechanical engineering. It covers all stages of the manufacture of machines, machine units, mechanisms, and other products (the term of study is 6 years)

Individual training courses in the following fields:

  • special methods of the treatment of the working surfaces of critical machine components -12 hours (lecturer: Prof. Kovalevsky S.V.);
  • neuronet technologies in the design of processes – 4 hours (lecturer: Prof. Kovalevskyy S.V.);
  • 3D simulation Power Shape (Delcam) - 8 hours (lecturer: Associate Prof. Kovalevskaya E.S.);
  • 2D - 3D simulation in “COMPASS”- 16 hours (senior lecturer: Anosov V.L.);
  • work with CAD TP “VERTICAL” and universal technological manual – 32 hours (senior lecturer: Аnosov V.L.).

We maintain scientific and production relations with all local engineering companies and research and training centres of Donbass, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, etc.

Machine tools and instruments department

(MCMTs)of the Donbas State Engineering Academy (DSЕA) is a well-known scientific and teaching staff, which occupies a leading position in the field of training for engineering enterprises. The department trains bachelors in the direction of "Engineering", specialists and masters in the specialties of "Metal-cutting machines and systems" and "Tooling" on full-time and correspondence courses.

Industrial enterprises are provided with such services:

  • Training and retraining engineers in the field of machine tool programming systems on the basis of the current certified training center of the company «Heidenhain» which is the only in Ukraine;
  • Training engineering personnel in the use of information technology in design and technological preparation of production and advanced CAD \ CAM \ CAE-systems.

Scientific research and applied development of MCMTs Department of DSEA are widely known in professional circles both in Ukraine and far abroad. Distinctive features of the scientific research of the department are a close connection with the production and quick orientation to the actual problems and needs of industrial enterprises.

The main areas of our research:

  • Development of new machines designs and mechanical machining methods;
  • Design of supports and guides of heavy lathes;
  • Adaptive control systems for machine-tool systems;
  • Tool support systems of heavy cutting;
  • Reliability and quality control of cutting tool operation;
  • Special gear treatment technologies of coarse-pitch hardened wheels;
  • Methods of hardening tools and wear-resistant coatings;
  • Technology of manufacturing parts and units of power generating systems (including wind- power engineering plants).

The most famous developments of the department are:

  • New design of supports and fluid friction gear to improve the accuracy and efficiency of machines;
  • A complex adaptive control system of precision processing on heavy machines with the compensation of power, heat, vibration impacts;
  • General engineering regulations of cutting conditions and time standards for heavy engineering enterprises;
  • A system of modular cutting tools for modern heavy machinery.

Annually the International Scientific-Technical Conference titled "Heavy Engineering. The problems and the Prospects of Development", collecting a large number of participants from research centers and enterprises in Ukraine, Russia, Germany and other countries is held at the department. The collection of scientific papers under the title “Reliability of Tools and Optimization of Technological Systems", which is included in the list of scientific specialized editions of HAC of Ukraine for publishing the results of dissertation research is published twice a year. Competitors of degree of candidate of technical sciences in specialty 05.03.01 - "The processes of machining, machines and tools" can defend the thesis in a specialized scientific council of the DSEA.

Relying on rich research and production experience and the authors’ development, the teachers of MCMTs department of DSEA are ready to provide consulting services and to cooperate in joint projects with companies in the following areas:

  • Modernization of machine tools and reengineering of technological engineering systems (Prof.V. D. Kovalev, Associate Professor Ivanov I. N.,Associate Professor Klochko A.A.);
  • Development of adaptive control systems for machine tools (Professor Kovalev V. D., Associate Professor Vasilchenko Y.V., candidate of technical sciences. Melnik M.S., candidate of technical sciences A.V. Ponomarenko,. candidate of technical sciences Gakov S.A.);
  • Development of cutting conditions and time standards for different machining operations (Professor Klimenko G.P.);
  • Design of tool support systems of heavy engineering (Prof. E.V. Mironenko, Associate Professor Guzenko V.S.);
  • Development of specific technologies, equipment and tool for gear treatment of coarse-pitch hardened wheels (Associate Professor Klochko AA);
  • Processing of hard-steels and alloys, metal-ceramic hard alloys, polymers and semiconducting materials (Associate Professor Gah V.M.);
  • Advanced technologies of machines and tools production (Associate Professor Ivanov I.N., Associate Professor Klochko A.A., Associate Professor Kazakova T.V., Associate Professor Gah V.M.);
  • Development of technologies for manufacturing parts and components of wind-power engineering plants (Professor Kovalev V.D., Associate Professor Vasilchenko Y.V.);
  • Technological aspects of industrial equipment repair (Associate Professor I.N. Ivanov).

We are ready to consider various proposals of the enterprises on scientific and technical cooperation and preparation of specialists.

Among our partners there are JSC "Motor Sich", JSC NKMZ, JSC KZTS, JSC "EMSS" (Ukraine), the companies «Heidenhain», «Gertner» (Germany), «Okuma» (Japan), the concern SEKO (Sweden). The Department is in a close touch with the Institute of ultra-hard materials after V.N. Bakul, Institute of Problems of Materials Science after I.N. Frantsevich, Institute of Strength Problems after G.S. Pisarenko of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.