This faculty, including 2 departments as follows:

Welding technology department


Preparation levels


Preparation for specialty :

  • Information support and computer design of welding production automated systems
  • Computer design of welding production technological processes
  • Engineering of the automated welding equipment

All occupations are carried out in two streams – in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

The bulk of students is trained on the budgetary basis.

After the completion of training to graduates the state diploma stands out.


Specialty: 05.03.06-«Welding both related processes and technologies»


The group of highly skilled teachers work at chair, including: 3 doctors of science (2 of then are professors), 8 candidates of science (7 of them are assistant professors), 5 senior teachers, 5 assistants and 1 – the European engineer-welder.

At chair the postgraduate study in the specialty 05.03.06 «Welding both related processes and technologies», and also council on protection of master's theses works.

On chair, and also with its participation, the international conferences are annually carried out and collections of scientific works in the perspective directions in the field of welding and related technologies are published.

The curriculum of specialty provides studying of disciplines towards various orientation: from technical and humanitarian to the economic.

Special value is given to computer preparation with use of modern computer facilities and software products.

High level of professional training on chair is provided with the specialized laboratories equipped with the modern welding equipment; by test cars; computer facilities; measuring devices and complexes.

On chair there is own modern computer class with the license software (Microsoft, Askon).


Development of melting and welding materials and their drawing methods.

The diagnosing of a technical load-lifting cranes conditions take place with laboratory of technical diagnostics of DGMA, issue of the conclusions about possible further operation is carried out.

The chair of O TSP runs courses on professional development for the industrial enterprises and the organizations for the directions:

  • Theoretical bases of welding and sharp
  • Theory of welding processes
  • Technology and equipment of welding by melting
  • Modern power supplies for welding
  • Design of welded designs
  • Special heads of welded designs durability
  • 2D and 3D modeling in Kompas system, work with SAPR TP "Vertical" and the universal technological directory


The chair of O TSP maintains scientific and production relations with the industrial enterprises of Ukraine, research and training centers of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Serbia, Armenia and other countries.


highly skilled experts in the field of the equipment and welding technologies;

    modern computer and information technologies in the field of welding and related technologies
    professional skills during the technological processes developing and design of the welding production equipment;
    to succeed as the designer, the technologist in the field of welding production at any enterprise or firm; to work as the manager on sale of the equipment and welding technologies ; to open and run your own business.


  • Possibility for the experts having the diploma about the higher arts education to receive on the correspondence accelerated mode of study, the second (technical) higher education;
  • Possibility for the students trained on a base specialty, at the same time reception of higher education on an economic profile with delivery of the state diploma;
  • Possibility for the students trained on a base specialty, at the same time to master specialization of the reviewer-translator with delivery of the corresponding certificate.

Foundry technology department

Depending on requirement and specifics of your enterprise the TEFP chair can carry out individual preparation and retraining, professional development of experts and personnel, and also short-term courses on the following specializations (directions):

  • computer design and modeling of foundry processes, the foundry equipment and equipment with application of modern CAD-CAM-CAE of systems and the applied software;
  • automatic's repair and service of complex in the mechanized lines and modern high-efficiency foundry metallurgical and other industrial equipment;
  • modern, special methods of melting and extra oven processing of metals and alloys;
  • modern ways of manufacturing forms and cores;
  • new resource-and energy saving technologies of receiving forms from steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals and alloys;
  • modern and perspective methods of thermal forms processing;
  • art, jeweler molding and dentist molding and orthopedic artificial limbs.

After graduation of above listed specializations (directions) diplomas and certificates are given to all graduates.

Besides, the chair is ready to solve specific production objectives, your enterprise, and also provide the latest scientific development which could find application and introduction at your enterprise.

Main scientific chair directions:

  • studying of transformations in the conditions of continuous and isothermal forms cooling , and also development of the thermal processing steel technology with cooling application in loose graphite;
  • studying of thermodynamic properties of phases and phase equally in component metal systems, as a basis of new functional materials;
  • processes research on receiving high-strength cast iron with the spherical and graphite, alloyed iron with the increased operational and special properties, and also processes of two-layer manufacturing, multilayered bilateral differentiated structure and properties from one initial method of intra uniform modifying;
  • development of technological process towards the improvement of a surface quality iron, at the expense of structures of forming mixes.

Also the chair has possibility for the organization and carrying out seminars, conferences, congresses, round tables on an exchange of experience and the solution of various questions between specialists of the enterprises foundry, metallurgical and allied industries and your enterprise.

We invite you to cooperation!

The chair «Technology and the equipment in the foundry production» (TEFP) is one of the oldest and leading chairs of our HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and at the region. It is recognized in Donetsk region and Ukraine as one of the best centers scientific and study on foundry production.

Throughout more than 60 years the chair carries out preparation of highly skilled experts in specialties «Foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys» and «The equipment of foundry production». During the existence the TEFP chair let out more than 5000 young specialists who work not only in Ukraine but also the countries of the near and far abroad. Among graduates there are 30 candidates of science, directors of industrial enterprises, the chief and leading experts of productions.

The chair has rather qualified faculty, including 3 doctors of science, the professor, 8 candidates of science, assistant professors.

Theoretical and practical preparation is carried out in educational audiences and the laboratories of chair equipped with modern computer equipment, multimedia and other means, modern stands, the equipment, devices and laboratory installations.

Training of specialists is annually improved taking into account the main tendencies of technologies development and the equipment in the field of foundry production with use of the latest training technologies also in computer technologies.

The chair's lectors closely cooperate with leading scientific Ukrainian centers, the countries of the near and far abroad. Among them National technical university of Ukraine «Kiev polytechnic institute», the Kiev national university of Ukraine of. T.Shevchenko, Institutes of problems of materials science and metaphysics of National academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Physicotechnological institute of metals and alloys of National academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, National research technological University , Moscow, (Russian Federation), International center of chemistry of substances, Stuttgart (Germany).

Participation of teachers and students testify to high scientific capacity of chair in the international and republican conferences, competitions of scientific works, and as the scientific projects, carried out in close cooperation with leading scientific centers of Ukraine, CIS countries and foreign countries. Repeatedly scientists and students of chair were awarded by medals, diplomas and diplomas for high achievements.