This faculty, including 3 departments as follows:

Finance and credit department

Dear workers of enterprises and organizations wishing to improve their educational and professional level!

Department of "Finance" offers a quality range of educational services in corporate finance, financial analysis of operating, financial, investment companies, financial, tax, budget management, insurance and banking.

Today, scientific, didactic and educational work of the department are aimed at addressing the major challenges to ensure effective use of financial resources as one of the most effective levers of economic development.

The Department has scientific expertise in the following areas:

  • the organizational and methodological support of crisis management industry;
  • the formation of an integrated system of planning and organization of production and financial activities of enterprises and institutions in terms of economic reform;
  • the organizational and methodological aspects of the formation and use of financial and economic resources in the enterprises of mechanical engineering;
  • the study of the mechanism of economic-financial and organizational activities of enterprises and institutions;
  • the financial support for the operation of real and financial sectors;
  • the formation mechanism of the economic security of the enterprise (organization, institution) at the regional and national levels.

Education is carried out by candidates and doctors of economical sciences, as well as leading practitioners of the banking and industrial sectors.

Development Department staff has led to the following results on several fronts:


  • a model of cash flow optimization of an industrial enterprise is developed;
  • a mechanism of formation of sources of financing for investment projects is developed;
  • a model of a three-tier planning system with built-in criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of planning as a management process is developed;
  • conditions, requirements planning based on the analysis of problems of planning in complex dynamic systems are improved;
  • the conceptual model of an adaptive planning system, formed on the basis of functional classification of the target criterion is proposed;
  • scientific and methodological approaches to the formation of a system of indicators for early warning and response based on the use of logical-deductive model of strategic scorecards profits, adapted to domestic conditions are designed;
  • proposals for the quantification of the balance between financial performance and extra tariff part of the wage bill are developed.


  • organizational and legal support of the financial infrastructure of industrial production is developed ;
  • organizational and legal basis for the creation of the associated financial institutions is developed;
  • a mechanism for the financial resourcing of the banking institutions is developed;
  • a conceptual model of the mechanism of formation and realization of innovative credit policy of the bank is proposed;


  • methodical approach to evaluating the effectiveness and quality control financial capacity of the local budget in the current conditions of economic development is substantiated;
  • a model in the level of financial security by comparing all sources of income and taking into account the potential areas is proposed;
  • a set of measures for the analysis of problems of the territory, to address specific system problems and identify the necessary level of financial security is developed;
  • a method of estimating the fiscal capacity of the local budget is created.


  • scientific and methodical approach to the determination of the efficiency index of reinsurance is proposed;
  • scientific method-optical approach to determining the effectiveness of reinsurance and the probability of bankruptcy for lack of insurance company is improved;


  • a comprehensive three-level structural model of the influence of regional policy on sustainable development of the state is developed;
  • the mechanism of formation of the competitive advantages of regions of Ukraine in order to ensure its integration into the global capital markets is proposed;
  • system approaches to the formation of an innovative model of development of regions of Ukraine as a prerequisite to improve their competitiveness are improved;
  • an investment model of development of Ukraine in terms of the inversion type of socio-economic development is designed;
  • conditions of the labor market inclusion of Ukraine into the European, the intensification of emigration in Ukraine and the growing labor shortage are defined.

In order to improve the professional level of employees the use of modern software is offered: automated system for planning and analysis of investment projects (Project Expert 7 Tutorial), the program to assess the financial condition of the company (Audit Expert 4 Tutorial).

Accounting and audit department

We suggest you to receive educational and consulting services in the field of book keeping, the analysis, the control and information technologies.

Our chair unites highly skilled experts - authors of the numerous textbooks recommended by the domestic Ministry of Education and Science, the certificated scientists, prosecuting various applied subjects in this area and scientific articles annually publishing ten ones.

The most extensive scientific and educational library of region, subscription to all the basic специализированые accounting editions of Ukraine allow us to have last information concerning the domestic legislative environment and world achievements in methodology of the economic analysis.

The list of given consulting services:

  • Consultations about area of the financial, tax and administrative account.
  • Definition of optimum forms of taxes in the conditions of the modern tax code. the Organization of system of the internal control and audit.
  • Testing of used methodology of the account and accounting of incomes and expenses for conclusion formation about its adequacy and degree of conformity to requirements of the enterprise.
  • Revealing of requirement and problem statement on automation of business processes of the enterprise: interactions with clients and suppliers, conducting book keeping, the financial and economic analysis etc.
  • Revealing of requirement for the analytical information for a sales department, department of supply, manufacture, top management; construction/formation of recommendations about improvement / of system of registration, accumulation and the analysis of the data necessary for its formation.
  • Estimation of a financial condition of the enterprise, including existing financial risks, formation of recommendations about its improvement.
  • Analysis of efficiency of use of circulating assets.
  • Analysis of the expenses connected with purchase and movement of stocks at the enterprise, for the purpose of working out of measures on their optimisation.
  • Market review on which one conducts or plans to conduct the activity the enterprise, for the purpose of an estimation of a competition, tendencies in change of demand, formation of recommendations about increase of competitiveness of let out production in the long-term period.
  • Support in drawing up of duty regulations of registration-analytical workers for optimisation of their functions and accountability system.
  • In case of decision-making about automation - the help in attraction of the companies, the help in training of employees at development of new information products or more adequate methodology of conducting registration-analytical procedures.

We are also glad to offer you courses of improvement of qualification of bookkeepers

«The MAIN BOOKKEEPER-ECONOMIST», recommended by that who knows book keeping bases, who already works as the bookkeeper and wishes to deepen the knowledge and to raise a professional standard. Course volume - 72 class periods in the equipped audiences of Academy.


The tax account and the taxation of activity of the enterprises

The most actual and complicated questions of work of the enterprise are connected with optimisation and a correct choice of the form of the taxation. Working out of competent system of planning of payments, uses of tax management in many respects reduces risks of occurrence of unreasonable expenses and losses of potential possibilities of the enterprise.

Cases in point:

The tax code 2011. The new rights of tax specialists and new duties of tax bearers.

Pressing questions under the VAT. The bases for non-recognition of the tax declaration. New possibilities for non-recognition of the sums of the tax credit at tax bearers. Claims at checks to tax waybills and their "substitutes" (checks РРО, accounts, advance reports).

The profit tax account. Formation of indicators of the tax reporting. Changes in the account of incomes and expenses. Formation of the cost price of finished goods.

Analysis of problem situations under the taxation, arising in practical activities of the professional bookkeeper.

The administrative account

The administrative account at the enterprise should provide a key element of firm with the information necessary for decision-making and efficient control. Correctly put administrative account allows to receive the information necessary for arrangement of priorities in activity of firm and planning of the further work and supplies with mechanisms of the control over execution of the accepted decisions.

Cases in point:

The analysis of break-even of manufacture (model «expenses - output - profit»).

Profit planning, use of the operational lever.

Optimisation of operational expenses.

Budgeting on industrial and trade enterprise.

Information technologies of automation of the administrative account.

The control and audit

Knowledge of the rights and duties, ability to build the relation with checking bodies and correct prepation of the enterprise for checking- a basis of safety and long duration of functioning of the enterprise of any form of managing.

Cases in point:

New checks of tax bodies. The bases for check carrying out, registration of results of check. Possibility of inspection of premises of the subject of managing. Investigatory actions. Consequences of checks.

Correctness of storage of documents in accounts department (archival business). Correctness of drawing up of the certificate of destruction and an order of destruction of documents.

Order of carrying out of check by various bodies. Preparation of documents on check.

The economic activities analysis

The operative economic analysis allows to make the weighed administrative decisions, proceeding from target indicators of work of the enterprise. In due time revealed preconditions and bankruptcy threats give the chance to avoid many problems connected with financial instability, risks of non-payments and production efficiency falling.

Cases in point:

The analysis of dynamics of the basic tehniko-economical indicators of work of the enterprise, revealing of the general tendencies of their change.

The analysis of financial indicators.

Estimation of a financial condition of the enterprise, the forecast of bankruptcy of the enterprise.

Enterprise economics department

Department “Economy of Enterprise” trains Bachelors, Specialists and Masters on speciality “Economy of Enterprise”.

Speciality “Economy of Enterprise” is the most universal of all economic specialities which are trained at the Donbass State Engineering Academy.

Studying at the Department “Economy of Enterprise” allows:

  • To carry out complex financial-economic analysis of enterprise activity;
  • To make marketing;
  • To take competent solutions on commercial and foreign economic enterprise activity;
  • To choose the most efficient forms and methods of enterprise organization, to make reengineering of business processes;
  • To solve the matters of labor organization and wages and salaries at enterprise;
  • To create the economic development strategy and plan all kinds of activity at the enterprise;
  • To form financial resources of enterprise and work out measures for their cutting;
  • To analyze results of organization and innovation measures and evaluate their efficiency;
  • To improve and efficiently use material and technical basis of enterprise.

The Department offers for enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership the following services:

  • Training and additional training of employees on speciality “Economy of Enterprise” by correspondence, by accelerated and in post-diploma forms of education with getting diploma of the standard pattern;
  • Courses of raise the qualification in the following directions:
    • Industrial marketing (marketing research organization, competitors analysis; evaluation of product competitiveness; working out of programme of demand formation and sale stimulation);
    • Complex economic-financial analysis (administrative analysis, diagnostics of financial-economic state and enterprise of projects);
    • Analysis of investment projects (investment project evaluation method; marketing, technological, economic and financial analysis of projects);
    • Projects management (project efficiency basis; planning, organization and control project work; management of project risks);
    • Activity on finance markets (technical analysis of fund, futures and currency markets; technique and tactic of investment and speculation operations; hedging of price risks with the help of forward market instruments);
    • Staff motivation (modern motivation theories essence and the experience of their practical use in enterprise personnel management).

    List and content of the raise the qualification courses can be corrected taking into account requirements of enterprise-customers.

  • Consulting service:
    • Research and working out motivation mechanism and motivation systems for an enterprise;
    • Complex analysis of economic activity and financial-economic state;
    • Business projects working out;
    • Innovation and investment efficiency evaluation recommendation for project risks management;
    • Technical analysis of fund, futures and currency markets instrument;
    • Working out of price risks hedging program with use of forward market instruments.

“Economy of Enterprise” Department has:

The highest , 4th level of accreditation;

Forty years experience and formed during these years traditions of training qualified specialists in Kramatorsk and in all study centers of DSEA;

Qualified teaching staff, more than half of them have scientific degrees of candidates and doctors science and academic ranks of assistant professors and professors;

Hundreds of published scientific articles in home and foreign editions, eight scientific monographs;

Every year defense of dissertation for competition of scientific degrees of candidates of science by the department staff;

Hundreds of published training method appliances for doing practical assignments, control tests, course and diploma projecting for students of all specialities and forms of studying at DSEA. For all subjects the department staff worked out and published training method appliances recommended by the Ministry of education, science, youth and sport;

Training of specialists according to individual claims of enterprises;

Active collaboration with enterprises and organizations of Kramatorsk and the region. The Department branches are organized and function at NKMZ, public company “Energomashspetsstal” and in the Productivity Center of Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine.