This faculty, including 3 departments as follows:

Metal forming process department

Metal Forming department – one of the leading departments of Donbass State Engineering Academy ( DSEA) which is also one of the oldest departments and the youngest by teachers’ age. The department is considered to be a centre of scientific, educational, and methodics work on press-forging production in Donetsk region of Ukraine. Research work of the department is the basis of training of highly qualified specialists. The educational process and research work are carried out by doctors and candidates of technical sciences who are the graduates of the department. The department has at its disposal two up-to-date computer classes, laboratories equipped with various technological equipment for demonstration of advantages of metal forming processes. The head of the department is vice-rector on research work of DSEA, founder of scientific school of cold die forging, doctor of technical sciences, professor I.S. Aliyev. The department honours memory of the ancestor of scientific school well-known outside Ukraine in the field of forging of large ingots, Honoured Worker of Higher School of Ukraine, doctor of technical sciences, professor Lev Nickolayevich Sokolov who worked here. Active work of post-graduate course,,and specialized academic board on defence of candidate’s and doctor’s theses is an eloquent proof of high level research activity of the department.

The department trains: bachelors, masters, candidates and doctors of technical sciences.

Students get engineering training on mathematical modeling and development of technological processes of forging, sheet forming, extrusion of precision parts from powder materials, rubber, plastics, composite materials, liquid forming, hot and cold die forging , principles of die designing and computer-aided design of technological processes, physical metallurgy and heat treatment as well as principles of research in the field of metal forming.

The system of individual training of specialists in creative laboratories of supervisors-tutors allows to invite the students who have shown their ability for research work to take post-graduate and Master’s courses.

Scientific achievements of the department. The basis of training of highly-qualified specialists is research work of the department. Today the metal forming department of DSEA is a big scientific centre recognized in Ukraine, near and far abroad. Research and development projects are published in annual specialized collections ( “Physics and technique of high pressures”, Press-forging production”, “Metal working”, “Metallurgy and mining industry”), scientific journals of Ukraine and other countries, the talented students taking part in it.

Every year the department holds international scientific and technical conferences on metal forming problems and the collection of scientific works DSEA “MF” is also published on the base of the department. Close contacts with Dresden Technical University (Germany), Chenstokhova Polytechnical Institute (Poland), Saint Petersburg , Tula, Baltic and Don Technical Universities (Russia) give the possibility to be aware of the achievements of world science and in turn to claim about its achievements on a level with the world standards.

Engineers and technical workers of enterprises dealing with plastic metal working are offered to take a refresher course at the department in the following trends:

  • development of new shapes of shortened ingots and mold designs for obtaining high quality forging workpieces with high yield factor and possibility of heat recovery of molten metal crystallization;
  • development of new resource saving technological processes of producing large forgings of responsible function on the basis of replacement of power-intensive forging operations such as upsetting by more effective broaching operation with the tool of special geometry using certain thermomechanical deformation conditions which reduce the number of heats;
  • finite-element simulation of technological processes of producing large forgings from ingots in order to optimize deformation conditions, to improve quality and to reduce production costs;
  • up-to-date ways and methods of quality improvement and reduction of costs on manufacturing of forging ingots and forgings of responsible function like shafts, rotors, plates, discs;
  • obtaining of forgings from unprofitable ingots;
  • precise die forging in parting dies;
  • cold cross-section extrusion of parts with flange and tags;
  • cold combined extrusion of parts with complex profiles;
  • radial-direct extrusion of hollow parts with complex inner and outer surfaces;
  • wasteless part forming like sleeve and ring;
  • use of new materials in plastic metal working processes;
  • increase in durability of working equipment in the processes of cold extrusion due to application of new methods of tool spraying and new lubrication materials;
  • improvement of quality of rationalization proposals at the cost of intelligence development;
  • principles and peculiarities of intellectual property;
  • specialized software for simulation of plastic metal working;
  • special features of technological processes of small-lot sheet forming;
  • It is possible to carry out joint research in the following ways:
  • investigation of lubrication materials;
  • investigation of plastic properties of new materials.

The department renders consulting services on development, introduction of new technological processes and improvement of traditional methods of production by plastic metal working.

Metal forming machinery department

Metal forming is one of the basic technologies of modern mechanical engineering, metallurgy and many other industries. Application of processes of metal forming is a necessary condition of reception of products of the difficult form with the minimum admissions on machining in a combination to high mechanical properties. Methods of metal forming make both the smallest details of clockworks, and huge cases of nuclear reactors.

Education of experts to designing of technological processes and designing of the equipment for processing of metal forming already almost 60 years is conducted by the oldest department of the Donbass state engineering academy (DSEA) «Machines and technology of metal forming» (MTMF). Training is carried out in close cooperation and interaction with a leader of mechanical engineering in Ukraine and in CIS the “Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod” (NKMZ). Many graduates of department became outstanding heads and engineers of modern manufactures, both in Ukraine, and behind its limits. Now vocational training on departament is carried out by 2 Doctors of Science and 5 Candidates of Tech.Sci (Ph.D’s). At department is worked and organized the postgraduate study and protection for candidate's degree and doctor's degree. At creation new and modernizations of existing technologies and equipment the graduates of department widely use computer modeling, skills of research work. If you want to reduce essentially weight of preparations, as much as possible to use mechanical properties of materials, to lower allowances on machining process, to process on the available compression-type machines the details, demanding effort for deformation in 2-3 times exceeding possibilities of already available equipment, invite the graduating students of department “MTMF” DSEA, who are prepared for creation of the new equipment and technical processes.

Besides educational process employees of departament pay much attention to research work on creation of essentially new technological processes and the equipment for processing of metal forming. For years of researches on departament it is developed more than 80 new technical processes and mashines, it is received more than 300 patents for inventions, a part from which it is introduced in manufacture. The departament has the big practical experience in research work and introduction of shock stands for test of products of the machine-building enterprises for action of impulses at dispersal with accelerations to 4000m/s2, creation of the press hammers possessing properties of two mashines: the press (deformation by pressing) and hammer (deformation by blow), copras for statiko-dynamic deformation of sheet materials, including with heating, in cylindrical containers with the elastic environment (rubber, a polyurethane) diameter to 0,8 m and in rectangular containers with the sizes 2 х 4 m. On departament there are research works on equipment of excavators and cranes special hinged shock to devices for crushing of monoliths. The department has developed for the first time in the world the technique and equipment for increase of accuracy of mobile connections at the expense of decrease in backlashes in cylindrical directing and consolidations of the new and already made machine-building equipment. These research works are executed on the basis of invented on department hydroelastic and wedge - rotational mechanisms. The first is based on use of energy of elastic deformation of the compressed liquid and intense details of machines, and the second on application of a wedge of a special profile. Employees of department have the big practical experience in researches of technologies and creation of the equipment for hot profiling of tubular preparations, including manufacturing of cylinders. On department are executed and introduced the research works for manufacture on perfection of control systems hydraulic presses and on increasing of cavitational firmness of regulating valves. The departament has recognized achievements in creation of processes of metal forming of products from metal powders, in particular filters with high porosity and permeability, sliding bearings, distributors of flame, consolidations and other products.

Teachers of departament are ready to carry out consultations at the enterprises for following scientific directions of departament:

  • press-forging equipment with hydro pulse and wedge- hinged drive;
  • perfection of hydraulic press-forging equipment;
  • the technologies of products produktion from powder materials;
  • technology and the equipment of reception of hollow axisymmetric details of mechanical engineering by rolling-off sheet and tubular preparations.

By departament can be organized the courses on improvement of professional skill of experts of the enterprises for subjects:

  • hydroelastic and wedge-hinged mechanisms in forge and other mashines;
  • pulse technical processes and mashines;
  • technologies of reception of details of mechanical engineering from powder materials;
  • modern forge -and-stamping presses and increase of their cavitational firmness of valve actuating gears;
  • technological possibilities and the equipment of a running in of tubular and sheet preparations at reception of hollow axisymmetric details of mechanical engineering;
  • patent science and intellectual property protection;
  • others courses; in coordination with the enterprises.

The department has possibility to conduct research work together with the enterprises and to make recommendations in the field of study of technologies and the equipment on:

  • powder metallurgy;
  • processing of metal forming;
  • hydraulic actuator of mashines;
  • increase of accuracy of mashines;
  • tribo-engineering.

Automated metal forming process and machinery department

«Automated metallurgical machines and equipment» (АMM) department has been preparing engineers in the field of metallurgical machine-building for about 50 years. During these years there have been prepared 4000 specialists, many of them occupying leading positions at the metallurgical and machine-building enterprises both in Ukraine and abroad.

There are 9 teachers, among them 2 professors and 5assistant professors working at the department.

The АММ department provides for preparing engineers on speciality «Metallurgical equipment», specializations included:

  • CAD of technological processes and automated metallurgical machines;
  • dataware and CAD of rolling automated systems;
  • engineering of automated metallurgical equipment and systems.

The department offers services to industrial enterprises on improvement of professional skills in the field of theory, technology and equipment of sheet and plate rolling, the department also provides preparing of scientific specialists for enterprises and organizations. Six teachers of the department have a right to post-graduate guidance.

The АММ department has a great scientific potential, many years’ experience of carrying out scientific work. There have been prepared and defended 2 Doctoral and more than 30 Candidate’s theses, 10 of them were defended by industrial enterprise workers of the region. The department staff published 5 monographs, about 700 scientific articles, got about 200 author’s licenses and patents on inventions, among them the patents of the USA, France, Italy. The department has the best laboratory base among the related departments in Ukraine; it is equipped with the operating unique patented equipment for investigating rolling production processes.

The main fields of the department scientific research:

  • technologies and equipment of sheet and strip hot rolling processes;
  • technologies and equipment of cold rolling processes, skin rolling and cold- rolling finish;
  • technologies and equipment of heavy section and small section mills;
  • rolled metal products quality improvement;
  • technologies and equipment for rolling of intricate profiled metal products, flatting and drawing;
  • technologies and equipment for metal and industrial rubber crops;

With the participation of AMM department annual scientific and technical conferences are held, volumes of scientific papers in the field of plastic metal forming are published.

On the basis of scientific and industrial experience, analysis of leading firms achievements in the field of metallurgical machine-building, the AMM department offers courses on improvement of professional skills for engineers in the field of machine building and metallurgy.

Course «Theory and mathematical models of sheet and strip rolling processes» (72 hours).

The course includes:

  • theoretical fundamentals of sheet and strip rolling processes;
  • engineering and numerical mathematical models of geometrical and kinematic characteristics, product-quality indexes, tension-deformed state and power parameters of lengthwise rolling.

Course «Technologies and equipment of sheet, strip and belt cold and hot rolling processes» (72 hours ).

The course includes:

  • technological fundamentals of plate, hot-rolled band, cold-rolled band and belt rolling processes;
  • technological lines and mechanical equipment of broad strip mills;
  • technological lines and mechanical equipment of hot rolling broad strip mills;
  • technological lines and mechanical equipment of sheet and band cold rolling mills;
  • technological lines and mechanical equipment of finishing and coat applying floors of cold rolling shops.

The AMM department is cooperating on a broad scale with the leading enterprises of the region (NKMZ, “EMSS, SKMZ, AZOM, etc..), leading higher schools of Ukraine and Russia.

The AMM department has developed and offered to introduction new scientific and technological developments using resource-saving technologies:

    cartridge case processing by cold sheet by sheet rolling;
    processing of worn-out autotyres by their grinding with subsequent calendering.